Meet Abby

Meet Abby. She is one of the most talented artists I know and I am lucky enough to call her a best friend and a favorite travel buddy. I only met her late last fall when we were both in Rincon, Puerto Rico. We randomly ended up hanging out at the same house before heading out to the infamous “Tequila Tuesday”at Pancho Villa. Since then, I have had the honor of surfing, relaxing, crafting, partying, and traveling with her. She was only staying for a month in Rincon but was planning on coming back for another few weeks later on in the season. We kept in touch after she left and once she returned in January with a few friends, she asked if I wanted to go to Nicaragua with them the next week. It was a done deal. An excuse to get away from the bubble (a very fun bubble) that is Rincon, Puerto Rico for a little while and surf a fun new break…how could I say no? We stayed in Playa Maderas, near San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. This little village reminds me a place that could grace the pages of Gypset Travel (the follow up book to Gypset Style by Julia Chaplin.) We surfed at least 2-3 sessions each day and afterwards watched the sunset over the pacific while sipping on our new favorite local beer, Tona. We took a fun boat trip to Playa Colorado, which was for the most of us, our first surf boat trip. A few nights we went into the nearby town of San Juan del Sur to party and check out the local scene. This trip instilled a new sense of wanderlust in me. I am excited to say that within the next few weeks I will be moving out to California with Abby and our boyfriends. I am really looking forward to the drive across country as we plan on stopping to camp in Teepees along the way!

Abby’s latest project was a series of painted boardwalk planks that she found after hurricane Sandy devastated the Jersey Shore. Last week she had her first art show and sold every single piece and even got some more orders! Proceeds from the sales at this show went to Hurricane Sandy Relief. Check out some of her pieces below!











All art by Abby Taylor and Matt Siciliano

Check out Abby’s website


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