Good vibes for the year ahead

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Guestblog_Pony-Gold_titleOver the past few years, I have managed to maintain the freedom to do handful of things that I have always dreamed of. This year I plan on doing even more. Some things on my list for 2013: Travel more is number one. My boyfriend and I are starting to plan a huge trip to Europe for this summer, which I am very excited about because I have never been there. For some reason it has never made top of my list…Whenever I plan a trip it tends to revolve around the weather and waves. Since we have a wedding to attend in England, we are planning on going to Ireland and Spain as well. Any tips on traveling light (I’m used to only having to pack a handful of  bathing suits) would be greatly appreciated! A few other things on on my list are getting some new ink (I have been pretty obsessed for a while now with the intricate design above I found on pinterest), buying and restoring a van, getting into better shape, living a bit more simpler, and just being happier all around.

Happy New Years everyone…Make this year the best yet and have no regrets!

Stay stylish, stay stoked 😉

photos via: ponygold, freepeople, spell, coconutlemonandlime, pinterest


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