Road to Happiness // Board Hugs Winter 12/13 Lookbook

381601_444772375577886_588894504_n 533489_444771972244593_112419863_n 198198_444771235578000_1721693182_n 154651_444771698911287_1098855630_n 68064_444772252244565_4543755_n774_444772482244542_1355586435_n189807_444771238911333_1819791857_n 386489_444771242244666_623571711_n 530457_444772848911172_1541608043_n394994_444774138911043_1011596648_n 60541_444774332244357_1403864857_n 530531_444774545577669_972505564_n604077_444773565577767_365759789_n 270185_444773098911147_1729483644_n

Our very first Board Hugs lookbook shot at steps beach, Rincon Puerto Rico. I’m posting it a bit late and you will be seeing our new lookbook soon but better late than never!!! Follow Board Hugs on facebook at ::

We offer fair-trade surfboard, snowboard, and skimboard socks.

Modeled by my beautiful and ever so talented friend Abby Taylor. Check out her rad shoe art at ::


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