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Yesterday I explored a new neighborhood of San Diego: South Park. I instantly fell in love with its main street and all the quirky little shops and restaurants. We had a snack at The Station, a pet friendly, half outdoors restaurant with long picnic tables and super stylish waiters. I had a stiff but delicious dark and stormy and some sweet potato fries (they have wonderful dips!) Afterwards we popped into this little shop my friend Ali had told me about called Graffiti Beach. I walked in and immediately was hooked. I was not sure what to look at first. The owner/buyer of the store, Melanie, has absolutely wonderful taste and everything is displayed just perfectly! My eyes were quickly drawn to a pair of badass high tops (which I ended up purchasing.) Next I checked out some big colorful pillows which I will definitely going back there for, although it is going to be hard to pick only one or two designs. You can find just about anything your heart desires in this artsy boutique: clothing, shoes, pillows, handmade jewelry, home accessories, bike seat covers, bikinis …the list goes on and on. The icing on the cake is that Graffiti Beach hosts artist showcases every friday from 6-9 pm with complimentary craft beer. OH and this is one shopping excursion you do not want to leave your guy at home for-they also have a wonderful selection of guys styles!

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