san elijo camping

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There is something about getting away for a night even if it is just 30 minutes up the coast to a quaint little campground. A few weeks ago we ventured up to north county to camp and surf a San Elijo State Beach. The waves were perfect and our campsite was even better. We could see the waves breaking from inside of our tent. If you are looking for the perfect camping equipment check out Poler Stuff. It ended up raining all night which was so peaceful we didn’t mind one bit. Not a drop of water made its way into our tent thanks to Poler! There were some beautiful campers surrounding us….a gorgeous westy and a super rad hand made wooden trailer (which was for sale…too bad we didn’t have $5000 to spare…) We got up early the next morning and headed across the street to Pipes cafe for a coffee and breakfast burrito. Can’t wait to get away again…

camping tip…don’t set your tent up right next to the fire pit…ha ha we ended up having to move it over after our surf sesh before starting a fire because we realized the embers may burn the tent…oops!


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