nature b o u n d

An emerging new designer I just cannot seem to get enough of lately is Kirstin Larkin of Nature Bound. She creates beautiful jewelry, headbands, and home goods for the bohemian spirited nature lover. Check out her stunning new Lookbook shot at a magical watering hole near Austin, Texas. With a place like this to call home, its no wonder she’s able to create such amazing pieces!

10003502_502020186587568_1839219010_n 10155595_502020223254231_499799023_n 10155687_502020133254240_1774429311_n 1460238_502020249920895_240750408_n 10011148_502022143254039_1184900315_n 1601041_502020279920892_870222554_n 1911646_502020139920906_1745024240_n 10155019_502020093254244_205234478_n


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