of salt sand & s i l v e r

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Our new summer Lookbook is here! When searching for inspiration, I had a very specific vision for the Lookbook and I am in awe of how beautifully our photographer, Drew, was able to capture it. To say he is talented is an understatement. He has an amazing eye,  and is such a humble person, letting his work behind the lens do the talking. Our model and muse, Kestrel, is not only beautiful on the outside, but is also an incredibly genuine and happy person. These are some of the first things you notice about her, as she always has that beautiful smile on her face! As for the vision behind the Lookbook, I really wanted to go with tons of whites and neutrals, so the jewels would really stand out. I had this raw idea of focusing on saltwater, sand, and silver, which sort of became the entire theme of the Lookbook. Over the past few months Mermaid by Hand has undergone some changes, adding many more dainty pieces to the collection, so I wanted to show that you can still make a big statement with just small simple silver pieces, such as stacking on tons of sterling silver rings. The mediums I have been focusing on using lately include seaglass, abalone, turquoise, spiney oyster, wampum, opal, cowrie shells, arrowheads, just to name a few. The majority of our designs are inspired by the sea. To complete the jewelry, I wanted some crazy makeup, and messy hair, but not too over the top. Our H&M artist, Jessica, created two looks that I thought I could have only dreamt up and it worked so so well with all the pieces we used in the shoot. We called Kes our little Mermaid Fairy (complete with many accents…jamaican, wisconsin, english, canadian…just to name a few. This always makes for a fun photoshoot…Drew I’m talking to you too! ha ha) The location choice was a bit last minute, but it ended up being just right. There is nothing more magical than the rugged California coastline. I’m so grateful to have had such a wonderful team shooting this and excited to share these photos with the world.


All jewelry seen is Mermaid by Hand // many pieces available at http://www.etsy.com/shop/mermaidbyhand

Follow us on instagram @mermaidbyhandjewelry



Clothing and accessories from:

Shop Van de Vort white romper


Reformation dress


Wild & Free Headdress


hand crocheted bikini by Ambika Boutique



Model:Kestrel Jenkins of Awear2014



instagram @awear2014


Photographer: Drew McGill



instagram @drewfoto


H & M: Jessica Tyransky


instagram @jtyranskyhairandmakeup


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