kindred spirits + gypsylovinlight

For at least the past year or so, two amazing women have inspired me nearly every single day. Welcome Helen of Gypsylovinlight and our favorite Junk Gypsy, Belinda of Kindred Spirits (although her perfectly curated collection of “junk” is far from junk. She offers beautiful, globally handmade and fair-trade goods, vintage, & recycled items). Among the masses of bohemian blogger babes and gypsy inspired labels, these two always stand out. Authenticity and a strong passion for what they do is so evident.

I wanted to share this beautiful interview from Belinda’s blog:

Gypsy Lovin Light is all about….

 sharing my inspirations and love of styling, creativity and expression. I love to inspire others to feel free, to follow their heart’s desire, in fashion and life.

Morning ritual….

A simple morning mantra “I love and accept myself just as I am”  Followed by a cup of chai and getting my kids ready for school :)

Favourite meal…..

my husbands fajitas….soooo amazing!


I make an awesome strawberry margarita ;)

Jewellery or Shoes….

JEWELLERY!!!! haha! This gypsy needs her jewels ;)

 I  never leave home without….

jewellery. It’s represents more to me than a physical symbol of beauty. It’s my talisman, my protection, a reflection of my mood, my soul’s light.

My own style is…

really a reflection of my inner spirit. Each day it changes depending on my energy and inspirations. It’s being who I am, being authentic, choosing to wear what I like, and loving and accepting myself. That is real freedom. In fashion and in life. One day you’ll find me mermaiding on the beach dripping in shells and crochet, the next day I’m wearing a rocker tee, shredded denim, piled with vintage jewels. I love how free I feel in not defining my style. I let it be what ever I want to be and express. There are no limits.

The year ahead…..

Wow no idea. Just loving the ride I’m on and taking it one moment at a time.

IMG_0483IMG_0526 IMG_0534


Thank you Belinda for the lovely interview on our favorite style icon, and Helen thank you for allowing us a peek into your life & creativity  🙂


Shop Kindred Spirits here



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