recent creations

10514137_687828364624345_654640812_n 10369331_1510396359181392_405725610_n 914743_471953439605989_952477505_n 929126_1415749675374654_850547279_n 10369433_1525499437674001_163056659_n 10375650_1442644825989834_1312202684_n 10471992_727840103942230_1121544203_n 925037_691101157592862_162680156_n 10401736_1421520061454393_1826731654_n 10424629_1425096564431418_358002552_n 10499244_673886492691481_1124999976_n 10474934_831838386828523_1865475703_n 10514152_323781317772126_786069582_n

just a little peak into our most recent jewelry!

Mostly been focusing on opal, turquoise, abalone, and experimenting with different metals…and of course always throw in some wampum and cowrie shells 😉



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