pacific getaway


For_love_and_lemons_S15_18For_love_and_lemons_S15_30 For_love_and_lemons_S15_24

For_love_and_lemons_S15_16 For_love_and_lemons_S15_02 For_love_and_lemons_S15_04 For_love_and_lemons_S15_14 For_love_and_lemons_S15_19For_love_and_lemons_S15_32


It has been quite a while since I have posted a lookbook on here, and to be quite honest I haven’t done so as I haven’t been that impressed with any lately…until now. Here’s my favorite picks from the latest for Love & Lemons Lookbook. Do they ever do it wrong? Feeling so inspired by the mix of soft lace and sheer fabrics with the grittiness of the sand, rocks and surfboards. The perfect contrasts. After seeing this lookbook I’ll be jetting off to somewhere tropical…

Photography Zoey Grossman
Muse Luma Grothe
Styling Ashley Glorioso

Beauty Ashlee Rose Clay


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