august AWEAR look

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Latest outfit post for AWEAR //


Entire outfit made in the USA (besides the Child of Wild Necklace)

Shirt and jumper from LF La Jolla

Hat by Janessa Leone (made in LA)

Watch by Pandeia

Jewelry is mostly Mermaid by Hand, Child of Wild Necklace


Photography by my lover Matthew Hickey

Edited by yours truly



lex. weinstein.

I know its not Wednesday, but here is my Woman Crush a day early. Meet Lex Weinstein. This brilliantly creative wanderer currently calls Byron Bay home. She left the 9-5 “stable life” in search of inspiration and adventure. If you follow her blog or Instagram its pretty obvious she has found just that. It has been an honor to watch this beautiful woman’s journey unfold. She has an air of confidence and self love that I truly admire. Here are some photos from her feature in Majestic Disorder Magazine, shot by the also super talented Carly Brown, who happens to be a great friend of Lex’s. (OK woman crush x 2)

Majestic Disorder-3202 copy Majestic Disorder-2921 copy Majestic Disorder-2955 copy Lex Face Majestic Disorder-2925 copy Majestic Disorder-3021 copy Majestic Disorder-2937 copy Majestic Disorder-3000 copy Majestic Disorder-3039 copy Majestic Disorder-3256 copy Majestic Disorder-3170 copy

Photography by Carly Brown


The feature showcases all of Lex’s favorite Byron Bay labels, as a few favorites of my own….see her blog post for all the details!


Feature in Majestic Disorder Mag

awear aloha

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Every wondered where your clothes were made? Or who made them? Those are the kinds of questions Awear is urging consumers will start asking. I’m sure by now you have heard about the Bangladesh factory collapse…If not, please enlighten yourself here ( ask yourself, is buying that cute, uber cheap dress REALLY worth someone else’s safety, possibly their life…

Some tips to becoming more Awear when purchasing clothing:

1. purchase USA made

2. shop at thrift stores

3. purchase fairtrade items

4. eco friendly, sustainability, or vegan

5. check out more on the Awear website at and see how YOU can join this amazing movement 🙂

Our outfit details:

Dress from Aloha Sunday, made in the USA by Wonderland Honolulu

Vintage brass shell purse from etsy

Beachy tee on Matt is thrifted, as well as his jeans


sea siren

Lexi-Boling-Numero-China-Fashion-Magazine-Style-June-July-Oracle-Fox.31 Lexi-Boling-Numero-China-Fashion-Magazine-Style-June-July-Oracle-Fox.1 Lexi-Boling-Numero-China-Fashion-Magazine-Style-June-July-Oracle-Fox.2 Lexi-Boling-Numero-China-Fashion-Magazine-Style-June-July-Oracle-Fox.10

re-blogged from the lovely Oracle Fox

Numero China June July 2014  //  model: Lexi Boling  //  photographer: Laurie Bartley


mystic seas

April-31 amanda-111 amanda-16

just a little friday inspo for all my mermaid babes

photos via spelldesigns.


recent creations

10514137_687828364624345_654640812_n 10369331_1510396359181392_405725610_n 914743_471953439605989_952477505_n 929126_1415749675374654_850547279_n 10369433_1525499437674001_163056659_n 10375650_1442644825989834_1312202684_n 10471992_727840103942230_1121544203_n 925037_691101157592862_162680156_n 10401736_1421520061454393_1826731654_n 10424629_1425096564431418_358002552_n 10499244_673886492691481_1124999976_n 10474934_831838386828523_1865475703_n 10514152_323781317772126_786069582_n

just a little peak into our most recent jewelry!

Mostly been focusing on opal, turquoise, abalone, and experimenting with different metals…and of course always throw in some wampum and cowrie shells 😉



she surrendered to dreams of the sea

When it comes to styling, Free People can do no wrong. And it doesn’t hurt to have Cailin Russo as your muse. Our current girl crush frolicking by the sea in Free People’s new campaign, lost girls=absolutely amazing. Free-People-Lost-Girls-05 Free-People-Lost-Girls-03 Free-People-Lost-Girls-02 Free-People-Lost-Girls-01 Free-People-Lost-Girls-04


ARNHEM // Where the Desert Meets Sea


Rocky-Lippke-133 Rocky-Lippke-137 Rocky-Lippke-129


Rocky-Lippke-26 Rocky-Lippke-106 Rocky-Lippke-91-713x1024Rocky-Lippke-80-749x1024



Our favorite pics from Arnhem’s new lookbook. Can anyone guess the location? Hint…very close to home for me here in southern California 😉

model Rachel Barnes

Photog Samuel Lippke

shop arnhem HERE 


kindred spirits + gypsylovinlight

For at least the past year or so, two amazing women have inspired me nearly every single day. Welcome Helen of Gypsylovinlight and our favorite Junk Gypsy, Belinda of Kindred Spirits (although her perfectly curated collection of “junk” is far from junk. She offers beautiful, globally handmade and fair-trade goods, vintage, & recycled items). Among the masses of bohemian blogger babes and gypsy inspired labels, these two always stand out. Authenticity and a strong passion for what they do is so evident.

I wanted to share this beautiful interview from Belinda’s blog:

Gypsy Lovin Light is all about….

 sharing my inspirations and love of styling, creativity and expression. I love to inspire others to feel free, to follow their heart’s desire, in fashion and life.

Morning ritual….

A simple morning mantra “I love and accept myself just as I am”  Followed by a cup of chai and getting my kids ready for school :)

Favourite meal…..

my husbands fajitas….soooo amazing!


I make an awesome strawberry margarita ;)

Jewellery or Shoes….

JEWELLERY!!!! haha! This gypsy needs her jewels ;)

 I  never leave home without….

jewellery. It’s represents more to me than a physical symbol of beauty. It’s my talisman, my protection, a reflection of my mood, my soul’s light.

My own style is…

really a reflection of my inner spirit. Each day it changes depending on my energy and inspirations. It’s being who I am, being authentic, choosing to wear what I like, and loving and accepting myself. That is real freedom. In fashion and in life. One day you’ll find me mermaiding on the beach dripping in shells and crochet, the next day I’m wearing a rocker tee, shredded denim, piled with vintage jewels. I love how free I feel in not defining my style. I let it be what ever I want to be and express. There are no limits.

The year ahead…..

Wow no idea. Just loving the ride I’m on and taking it one moment at a time.

IMG_0483IMG_0526 IMG_0534


Thank you Belinda for the lovely interview on our favorite style icon, and Helen thank you for allowing us a peek into your life & creativity  🙂


Shop Kindred Spirits here



saturdaze IMG_5832

outside showers, messy hair, hammocks, deserted beaches, floppy hats and fringe…just a little saturday inspiration 🙂

most photos via spelldesigns