vintage florals and silver baubles // AWEAR post


Outfit details: dress-vintage, from Buffalo exchange $10

Necklace: from Child of Wild, featuring turkish coin details

Meet more of the change makers, find inspiration and maybe even join the movement at –>

“AWEAR is a project intended to help inspire us to think about where our clothes are made, what they are made of, and who made them.”

photos by Matthew Hickey

august AWEAR look

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Latest outfit post for AWEAR //


Entire outfit made in the USA (besides the Child of Wild Necklace)

Shirt and jumper from LF La Jolla

Hat by Janessa Leone (made in LA)

Watch by Pandeia

Jewelry is mostly Mermaid by Hand, Child of Wild Necklace


Photography by my lover Matthew Hickey

Edited by yours truly


awear aloha

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Every wondered where your clothes were made? Or who made them? Those are the kinds of questions Awear is urging consumers will start asking. I’m sure by now you have heard about the Bangladesh factory collapse…If not, please enlighten yourself here ( ask yourself, is buying that cute, uber cheap dress REALLY worth someone else’s safety, possibly their life…

Some tips to becoming more Awear when purchasing clothing:

1. purchase USA made

2. shop at thrift stores

3. purchase fairtrade items

4. eco friendly, sustainability, or vegan

5. check out more on the Awear website at and see how YOU can join this amazing movement 🙂

Our outfit details:

Dress from Aloha Sunday, made in the USA by Wonderland Honolulu

Vintage brass shell purse from etsy

Beachy tee on Matt is thrifted, as well as his jeans