sneak peek of new jewels

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Some new jewelry hitting the site very soon, including a few pieces from the Molten Coral Collection … stay tuned 😉

turquoise. opal. mixed metals. + more

as always, handcrafted by the sea in California


awear aloha

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Every wondered where your clothes were made? Or who made them? Those are the kinds of questions Awear is urging consumers will start asking. I’m sure by now you have heard about the Bangladesh factory collapse…If not, please enlighten yourself here ( ask yourself, is buying that cute, uber cheap dress REALLY worth someone else’s safety, possibly their life…

Some tips to becoming more Awear when purchasing clothing:

1. purchase USA made

2. shop at thrift stores

3. purchase fairtrade items

4. eco friendly, sustainability, or vegan

5. check out more on the Awear website at and see how YOU can join this amazing movement 🙂

Our outfit details:

Dress from Aloha Sunday, made in the USA by Wonderland Honolulu

Vintage brass shell purse from etsy

Beachy tee on Matt is thrifted, as well as his jeans

sea siren

Lexi-Boling-Numero-China-Fashion-Magazine-Style-June-July-Oracle-Fox.31 Lexi-Boling-Numero-China-Fashion-Magazine-Style-June-July-Oracle-Fox.1 Lexi-Boling-Numero-China-Fashion-Magazine-Style-June-July-Oracle-Fox.2 Lexi-Boling-Numero-China-Fashion-Magazine-Style-June-July-Oracle-Fox.10

re-blogged from the lovely Oracle Fox

Numero China June July 2014  //  model: Lexi Boling  //  photographer: Laurie Bartley


ARNHEM // Where the Desert Meets Sea


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Rocky-Lippke-26 Rocky-Lippke-106 Rocky-Lippke-91-713x1024Rocky-Lippke-80-749x1024



Our favorite pics from Arnhem’s new lookbook. Can anyone guess the location? Hint…very close to home for me here in southern California 😉

model Rachel Barnes

Photog Samuel Lippke

shop arnhem HERE 



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photo 2

photo 1


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It’s been a while, but  I have decided to dive into the personal outfit posts again…Besides The Be Kind Project tees (which you can shop here) this Spell tee has got to be my new favorite! Super comfy and I’m obsessed with the graphics and the vintage feel. And of course it reminds me of my favorite Stones song…The turquoise ring is vintage…I found this little gem in a thrift store back in Delaware. Mermaid and shell ring is by Echo of The Dreamer, a designer that has been a huge inspiration to me. Buddha necklace is an oldie but goodie by the one and only Vanessa Mooney. Turquoise necklace was a gift from my boyfriend’s mother from a swap meet in Arizona! I love how jewelry always has story behind it. After a day of running errands, we made it to the beach just in time to watch the beautiful sunset. Thank you mother nature!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Shop this awesome tee at



11-White_horses_Dress-2 4-DaisyChain_playsuit-9 8-Glastonbury-Dress-9 15-MazzyStarSkirt-2 9-Indian-Summer-Kimono-13 8-Glastonbury-Dress-10 3-DesertWanderer_skirt_Sunset-3 14-DesertWanderer_shorts_highnoon-3 9-Indian-Summer-Kimono-11 4-DaisyChain_playsuit-5 11-White_horses_Dress-12 5-Prairie-Top-6 12-DesertWanderer-Playsuit_Sunset-5 15-MazzyStarSkirt-4

Spell and The Gypsy Collective’s new look is getting me so excited for our roadtrip to Arizona to spend time with my boyfriend’s family for Thanksgiving. Each lookbook they create is nothing short of inspiring. Spell is a company that has greatly motivated and helped me tune into my own creative side over past few years and start my jewelry business. I always love how they style their pieces, mixing vintage with new, dressier pieces with comfy, worn in tees. Each piece in their new Spring/summer ’14 collection is just stunning.

lookbook shot by Graham Dunn

modeled by Kelley Ash


bohemian beach // wild & free

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The beautiful, bohemian, and ever so stylish Corina of Wild & Free has styled her Mermaid by Hand ring along with some Free People and Bahgsu Jewels. Check out her blog at, and make sure to follow her on instagram @wildandfreejewelry. She makes some gorgeous creations!

Below is an up close and personal photo of the ring she is wearing…Stay tuned for a new Mermaid by Hand winter lookbook, Mermaid in The Mountains featuring one of Wild & Free’s amazing feather crowns!!!



weekend inspiration

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most photos via pinterest





World’s comfiest tee shirt (I kid you not)…vw westy on the front, “CREATE ADVENTURES” on the back. Ready to take on any roadtrip, hike, or surf trip. See more and scoop one up yourself over at

All of their designs are hand printed sustainably on organic cotton/hemp tees.

LIVE SUSTAINABLY and shop handmade.


adorn yourself in mermaid treasures


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My most recent creations…wampum, seaglass, coral, shells, turquoise, agate…all things beautiful and natural.