the depths of the sea and the vastness of the sky

A few new designs are hitting the shop tomorrow! A new spin on an original Mermaid by Hand design and a lapis statement ring. Both designs are inspired by the depths of the sea and the vastness of the sky. These will be available as made to order items!

Also soon on the blog, travels photos from Costa Rica and Sequoia. Feeling so inspired and refreshed. I truly believe there is a direct correlation between traveling and inspiration.

I also just wanted to say I am so very grateful for each and every one of my customers and followers. A new instagram giveaway is in the works to celebrate our new milestone of hitting almost 15,000 followers on instagram! Without you, this business would be just a hobby. I feel so blessed to share my passion and creativity with you and hope that it inspires you to follow your own dream.

and why yes, I did paint my nails just to showcase these jewels ­čśŤ even though they will be chipped by tomorrow am

Happy Sunday All!

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I have been following Helen of Gypsylovinlight ever since she created her style blog and instagram and absolutely adore her. Not only is she an amazing stylist, her words flow beautifully in every single post and I truly admire the openness she shares of her journey to finding self love. She is nothing short of inspiring and here is a little glimpse into how this beautiful soul has styled her Mermaid by Hand turquoise ring and sterling silver wave ring. She is the queen of perfectly stacking rings and it is an honor to see my creations amongst some longtime favorites like Spell Designs, Penny for Your Thoughts Jewellery, and many more amazing labels. To see more on this beautiful gypsy, check out her blog,




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All of their designs are hand printed sustainably on organic cotton/hemp tees.

LIVE SUSTAINABLY and shop handmade.

glass beach // calling all sea glass lovers


If you are an avid beach comber and sea glass collector like me, you HAVE to check out Glass Beach near Fort Bragg in Northern California. I learned about it from a friend and have yet to make the trip up there, but I sense it will happen in the very near future! I just finished my first “official” sea glass bezel ring and I could not be happier with how it turned out! I have definitely found what I want to do with my life. Using sea glass for jewelry helps the environment because the beautiful sea glass you find was technically created from someone polluting the beach. Fortunately more and more people are becoming less ignorant about polluting, but that also means the amount of sea glass is becoming less plentiful…therefore the value of it is very likely to continue increasing.

The photo below is my finished sea glass ring. Stay tuned for many, many more designs that will be available to purchase! Part of the proceeds of each will go to The Sato Project. The Sato Project (aka The Dead Dog Beach Project) was started by a very dedicated group of people who are devoted to rescuing abandoned and abused animals from Puerto Rico. My love of collecting sea glass and creating jewelry first started when I lived in Puerto Rico. Having adopted a Sato (Puerto Rican slang for mut), I feel very inclined to help out this wonderful cause!


So many more designs are currently in the making!