Home studio envy doesn’t even BEGIN to cover it. I finally caved in and bought one of Kelsi’s beautiful sundial watches this past week. I have been eyeing them for a long time, and decided I just had to have one. This morning as I was scrolling through my daily blog roll, I stumbled upon an article on on her beautiful Maui jungle home meets studio space. I love seeing where all of the magic happens and it is easy to see how the creativity flows so easily in this space. Each watch is handmade on her airy lanai (aka veranda). Here a little peak into her magical abode…

photos by Ashley Camper

monday inspiration

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It may be snowing in a lot of other places but here it is 70 and sunny…Gotta love the balmy San Diego weather! Since I cannot go prance around in the snow, here’s some Monday inspiration featuring beautiful tones of white. All photos  found while scrolling through my favorite blogs on this lovely morning (via spell designs, free people, oraclefox)


bohemian daydream

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Just a quickie post of some photos that have been inspiring me lately. Aloha Bikini Lover gets me very time with her perfectly styled shoots (second photo…more photos from this shoot here which was inspired by her travels in mexico…we seem to share an obsession and love for anything mexican inspired…it’s got to be the bold bright colors!)

stay stoked, stay stylish 😉