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It has been quite a while since I have posted a lookbook on here, and to be quite honest I haven’t done so as I haven’t been that impressed with any lately…until now. Here’s my favorite picks from the latest for Love & Lemons Lookbook. Do they ever do it wrong? Feeling so inspired by the mix of soft lace and sheer fabrics with the grittiness of the sand, rocks and surfboards. The perfect contrasts. After seeing this lookbook I’ll be jetting off to somewhere tropical…

Photography Zoey Grossman
Muse Luma Grothe
Styling Ashley Glorioso

Beauty Ashlee Rose Clay


Saltwater Vagabond

IMG_6412 IMG_6357 IMG_6453 IMG_6475 IMG_6661 IMG_6677 IMG_6790 IMG_6849

A few favorite photos from our Holiday Lookbook // to see entire shoot, head on over to

Tons of new goodies on the site

Photography: Drew McGill (

Model: Enna Schell

Styling: Kestrel Jenkins & Eliza Sloane

Van: supplied by Be Kind Vibes

Check out the short film on Instagram!

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Beyond excited to release this short Instagram film that my favorite photographer @drewfoto shot for us while on location at our Holiday Lookbook shoot: Saltwater Vagabond. (Full lookbook is live on our site) // Amazing music is by our good buds @streetsoflaredo. Make sure to check out them out. Every song makes me want to hop in the van and hit the road in search of adventure. We've had the joy of seeing them in San Diego and San Francisco. // Nothing makes me happier than collaborating with other creatives who I feel resonate with our own style. The beauty in front of the lens is @enna_nutschell. A huge thank you to everyone involved. #mermaidbyhandjewelry #drewfoto #saltwatervagabond #streetsoflaredo #lifestylefilm

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of salt sand & s i l v e r

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Our new summer Lookbook is here! When searching for inspiration, I had a very specific vision for the Lookbook and I am in awe of how beautifully our photographer, Drew, was able to capture it. To say he is talented is an understatement. He has an amazing eye,  and is such a humble person, letting his work behind the lens do the talking. Our model and muse, Kestrel, is not only beautiful on the outside, but is also an incredibly genuine and happy person. These are some of the first things you notice about her, as she always has that beautiful smile on her face! As for the vision behind the Lookbook, I really wanted to go with tons of whites and neutrals, so the jewels would really stand out. I had this raw idea of focusing on saltwater, sand, and silver, which sort of became the entire theme of the Lookbook. Over the past few months Mermaid by Hand has undergone some changes, adding many more dainty pieces to the collection, so I wanted to show that you can still make a big statement with just small simple silver pieces, such as stacking on tons of sterling silver rings. The mediums I have been focusing on using lately include seaglass, abalone, turquoise, spiney oyster, wampum, opal, cowrie shells, arrowheads, just to name a few. The majority of our designs are inspired by the sea. To complete the jewelry, I wanted some crazy makeup, and messy hair, but not too over the top. Our H&M artist, Jessica, created two looks that I thought I could have only dreamt up and it worked so so well with all the pieces we used in the shoot. We called Kes our little Mermaid Fairy (complete with many accents…jamaican, wisconsin, english, canadian…just to name a few. This always makes for a fun photoshoot…Drew I’m talking to you too! ha ha) The location choice was a bit last minute, but it ended up being just right. There is nothing more magical than the rugged California coastline. I’m so grateful to have had such a wonderful team shooting this and excited to share these photos with the world.


All jewelry seen is Mermaid by Hand // many pieces available at

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Clothing and accessories from:

Shop Van de Vort white romper

Reformation dress

Wild & Free Headdress

hand crocheted bikini by Ambika Boutique


Model:Kestrel Jenkins of Awear2014

instagram @awear2014


Photographer: Drew McGill

instagram @drewfoto


H & M: Jessica Tyransky

instagram @jtyranskyhairandmakeup


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Here are my favorite photos from Bahgsu Jewels new lookbook, Rainbow Warrior, shot on location in Hawaii. From the jewels, to the tropical & mystical locations, the exotic model, to the props, I don’t think this lookbook could get any better. And talk about a creative couple! While Maggie creates some of the most beautiful, magical jewelry I have ever laid my eyes on, her partner, Chris Del Moro happens to be a super rad artist and surfer who did all the body paint for this shoot. (I was lucky enough to receive an original piece of his for my Birthday from my boyfriend.) The styling is so perfect, and beachy bohemian. Clothes, accessories, and swimwear from some of my most favorite labels such as Spell Designs, Acacia Swimwear, She Made Me, and Wild & Free. Thank you all for being such big inspirations to me. Happy Tuesday!!!

Photos by Keith Ketchum

shop the beautiful jewels at and see the rest of the lookbook, plus the beautiful film!

LAST DAYS OF SUMMER // Spell & The Gypsy Lookbook

Page1b_Flairs Page17_kimono Page14_Slouchies Page24_Sundance Page3_Flairs Page4_Flairs Page6_Kimono Page25_Sundance Page26_Sundance Page11_Slouchies Page27_Sundance Page2_Flairs Page12_Slouchies Page13_Slouchies Page23_Blazer Page16_kimono Page20_Blazer Page22_Blazer Page21_Blazer Page1_Flairs Page10_Slouchies Page18_kimono Page19_kimono
Page15_Slouchies Page9_PaganWhite Page8_PaganWhite Page7_PaganCharcoal Page5_Flairs

If you haven’t heard of this lovely little label based out of Byron Bay, it is about time you check them out. Although their summer down under is coming to an end our is just about to start and they still have some wonderful new pieces perfect for summer BBQs, festivals, beach daze, camping trips and more! I’ve got my eyes set on that adorable cowrie shell bra! The talented ladies behind Spell get it right EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. and I cannot get enough!

check out their blog here and shop here!