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I’m not sure if I am feeling more inspired lately or if the new year is just bringing some wildly awesome editorials…I just had to share these photos I stumbled upon via Pinterest. Gotta love late night pinning and studio time! The styling is so on point it hurts!

See the entire shoot here:

sneak peek of new jewels

IMG_5913 IMG_5904

Some new jewelry hitting the site very soon, including a few pieces from the Molten Coral Collection … stay tuned 😉

turquoise. opal. mixed metals. + more

as always, handcrafted by the sea in California

august AWEAR look

IMG_5414 IMG_5410 IMG_5415 IMG_5412 IMG_5417 IMG_5413


Latest outfit post for AWEAR //


Entire outfit made in the USA (besides the Child of Wild Necklace)

Shirt and jumper from LF La Jolla

Hat by Janessa Leone (made in LA)

Watch by Pandeia

Jewelry is mostly Mermaid by Hand, Child of Wild Necklace


Photography by my lover Matthew Hickey

Edited by yours truly


lex. weinstein.

I know its not Wednesday, but here is my Woman Crush a day early. Meet Lex Weinstein. This brilliantly creative wanderer currently calls Byron Bay home. She left the 9-5 “stable life” in search of inspiration and adventure. If you follow her blog or Instagram its pretty obvious she has found just that. It has been an honor to watch this beautiful woman’s journey unfold. She has an air of confidence and self love that I truly admire. Here are some photos from her feature in Majestic Disorder Magazine, shot by the also super talented Carly Brown, who happens to be a great friend of Lex’s. (OK woman crush x 2)

Majestic Disorder-3202 copy Majestic Disorder-2921 copy Majestic Disorder-2955 copy Lex Face Majestic Disorder-2925 copy Majestic Disorder-3021 copy Majestic Disorder-2937 copy Majestic Disorder-3000 copy Majestic Disorder-3039 copy Majestic Disorder-3256 copy Majestic Disorder-3170 copy

Photography by Carly Brown


The feature showcases all of Lex’s favorite Byron Bay labels, as a few favorites of my own….see her blog post for all the details!


Feature in Majestic Disorder Mag

awear aloha

IMG_5160 IMG_5158 IMG_5135 IMG_5170 IMG_5144 IMG_5141 IMG_5171 IMG_5151

Every wondered where your clothes were made? Or who made them? Those are the kinds of questions Awear is urging consumers will start asking. I’m sure by now you have heard about the Bangladesh factory collapse…If not, please enlighten yourself here ( ask yourself, is buying that cute, uber cheap dress REALLY worth someone else’s safety, possibly their life…

Some tips to becoming more Awear when purchasing clothing:

1. purchase USA made

2. shop at thrift stores

3. purchase fairtrade items

4. eco friendly, sustainability, or vegan

5. check out more on the Awear website at and see how YOU can join this amazing movement 🙂

Our outfit details:

Dress from Aloha Sunday, made in the USA by Wonderland Honolulu

Vintage brass shell purse from etsy

Beachy tee on Matt is thrifted, as well as his jeans

pura vida

free-people-may-3 free-people-may-2 free-people-may-7 free-people-may-6 free-people-may-5


I’m left speechless over these beautiful, fun and salty photos from the new Free People Catalog. Featuring the extremely gorgeous, real life mermaid, Hanalei (

Happy Saturday. I hope this post inspires everyone to go get a little salty and sun kissed 😉


photo 5-2


photo 2

photo 1


photo 3-3

It’s been a while, but  I have decided to dive into the personal outfit posts again…Besides The Be Kind Project tees (which you can shop here) this Spell tee has got to be my new favorite! Super comfy and I’m obsessed with the graphics and the vintage feel. And of course it reminds me of my favorite Stones song…The turquoise ring is vintage…I found this little gem in a thrift store back in Delaware. Mermaid and shell ring is by Echo of The Dreamer, a designer that has been a huge inspiration to me. Buddha necklace is an oldie but goodie by the one and only Vanessa Mooney. Turquoise necklace was a gift from my boyfriend’s mother from a swap meet in Arizona! I love how jewelry always has story behind it. After a day of running errands, we made it to the beach just in time to watch the beautiful sunset. Thank you mother nature!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Shop this awesome tee at


Home studio envy doesn’t even BEGIN to cover it. I finally caved in and bought one of Kelsi’s beautiful sundial watches this past week. I have been eyeing them for a long time, and decided I just had to have one. This morning as I was scrolling through my daily blog roll, I stumbled upon an article on on her beautiful Maui jungle home meets studio space. I love seeing where all of the magic happens and it is easy to see how the creativity flows so easily in this space. Each watch is handmade on her airy lanai (aka veranda). Here a little peak into her magical abode…

photos by Ashley Camper