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Every wondered where your clothes were made? Or who made them? Those are the kinds of questions Awear is urging consumers will start asking. I’m sure by now you have heard about the Bangladesh factory collapse…If not, please enlighten yourself here ( ask yourself, is buying that cute, uber cheap dress REALLY worth someone else’s safety, possibly their life…

Some tips to becoming more Awear when purchasing clothing:

1. purchase USA made

2. shop at thrift stores

3. purchase fairtrade items

4. eco friendly, sustainability, or vegan

5. check out more on the Awear website at and see how YOU can join this amazing movement 🙂

Our outfit details:

Dress from Aloha Sunday, made in the USA by Wonderland Honolulu

Vintage brass shell purse from etsy

Beachy tee on Matt is thrifted, as well as his jeans





World’s comfiest tee shirt (I kid you not)…vw westy on the front, “CREATE ADVENTURES” on the back. Ready to take on any roadtrip, hike, or surf trip. See more and scoop one up yourself over at

All of their designs are hand printed sustainably on organic cotton/hemp tees.

LIVE SUSTAINABLY and shop handmade.


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Are you inspired by creative companies who give back? Recently, a friend of mine launched a line of backpacks in hopes of providing children in Zambia access to a better life through education. Not only are Be Packs functional and stylish, but $10 from each pack is used to sponsor a child’s education. It may not seem like a lot, but when added up, in a country where most families have no disposable income whatsoever, the sale of just 18 packs puts one child through an additional full year of schooling. Next time you buy a backpack, know exactly where your money is going. To learn more check out their website here and BE INSPIRED!