sneak peek of new jewels

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Some new jewelry hitting the site very soon, including a few pieces from the Molten Coral Collection … stay tuned 😉

turquoise. opal. mixed metals. + more

as always, handcrafted by the sea in California



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I have been following Helen of Gypsylovinlight ever since she created her style blog and instagram and absolutely adore her. Not only is she an amazing stylist, her words flow beautifully in every single post and I truly admire the openness she shares of her journey to finding self love. She is nothing short of inspiring and here is a little glimpse into how this beautiful soul has styled her Mermaid by Hand turquoise ring and sterling silver wave ring. She is the queen of perfectly stacking rings and it is an honor to see my creations amongst some longtime favorites like Spell Designs, Penny for Your Thoughts Jewellery, and many more amazing labels. To see more on this beautiful gypsy, check out her blog,


turquoise crush


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photos via Pinterest

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Go take a dip in the SEA ❤


shades of blue // sliding in makaha

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It was literally impossible to find a place to rent good shortboards on the west side of Oahu. So we found a fun little wave and rented some logs. The best part of the day? The free beers they gave us when we returned the boards at the end of the day. Sure made up for not bringing our own boards on the trip! h0w silly is that last little sequence…