costa rica photo diary

I know this is very late but here’s a little photo diary from my trip to Costa Rica in September

10735022_304977103029933_976350896_nNo this was not a surf trip. I can do that any day I want in San Diego. There is so much more to life and so much more to see when traveling. As much as I love the ocean, and although we did spend a great amount of time on the beaches and in the sea, there is also so much land and wildlife waiting to be seen. This trip was about exploring, learning, growing…and finally, going home and appreciating where I live more than ever.

10654980_716353248412936_1723852695_n 10693370_349192711914603_362411755_n 10623753_819172754780979_831722591_n 923782_356161321209634_76588240_n 10684105_577410902364262_1079937090_n 10707210_935070029841334_868866100_n 10665619_1543771339192359_809638806_n IMG_0797 928365_335295013306837_1041768198_n 10598570_540574202741776_1956248613_n 10654973_1477825375835448_1657544478_n 10661026_1595286584017143_1388915108_n 10691643_762696277128067_1537581733_n 10729331_1530722103807035_1459979580_n 926867_1547831738780778_827232765_nThis last photo was taken by my friend Tobi is one of my favorites. I was lucky enough to meet this beautiful soul in Puerto Rico some years back and stay in touch. She appreciates nature more than most people I know and is a true joy breath of fresh air to be around. We awoke to these beautiful Macaws playing around in our back yard each morning in Bahia Drake.

We camped in open Tipis on a mountainside near Dominical, hiked for miles in the jungle of La Sirena in Corcovado, slept on buses, trusted the locals with our lives on some very questionable boat rides (where we stayed in Bahia Drake is only accessible by an hour and a half boat ride), walked across a jenky suspension bridge (and decided it was a good idea to shoot some photos for Tobi’s shop, Fox House on it), got way too close for comfort to some crocodiles, watched in awe as whales breached only a few feet from our small boat, and met some truly amazing people. PURA VIDA.

More travel photo diaries from Sequoia, San Onofre, Big Sur, and San Francisco coming soon.